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  DECOR-IBIZA for Decorative Painting on Ibiza



DECOR-IBIZA for decorative paintwork on Ibiza

Decor-Ibiza does decorative paiting
on Ibiza.

Due to a background in the world of stage design, interior design and decorating and painting techniques, owner Kim and her team are equipped with a wide range of professional knowledge and art crafts.

Quality is assured!!

Wallpainting on IbizaWallpainting on IbizaDecorative paintwork on Ibiza

  DECOR-IBIZA - Masters all painting techniques
Decor-Ibiza for all type of decorative painting jobs on Ibiza:

- Wide range of applied painting techniques, like sponge techniques
  and others…

- Material imitation (marble, wood, oxidation, stone, etc.)

- Wall paintings (murals)

- 3D Objecten en ‘Blow-Ups

- Backgrounds for theatre, TV, film, video, photography, etc.

- Restoration and decoration of furniture and objects
- ..etc.

Ibiza Decorative Paintwork

Painting technique on wall    Sponge technique on wall    Material Immitation Techniques

Ibiza Beach Bar ’CHIRINCANA’ was painted by DECOR IBIZA      Commercial Object painted by DECOR IBIZA

Ibiza Wall Decorations


The walls of your home, store, company or establishment can get an important decorative function by applying decorative painting techniques.

Familiar examples are the sponge techniques, which especially in the Mediterranean Architecture come out perfectly.

Also a more modern application of color and form by using straight lines and huge color fields are popular on Ibiza.

Another popular option is using singular images, like flowers for example on sleeping and bathrooms.

Each project is a world of its own and the possibilities are endless!

Applied painting-techniques such as spongetechniques  Wall decoration Ibiza     Painted curtains on Ibiza     Details: painted curtains on Ibiza

  children’s rooms Decorations on Ibiza
Painted children’s room on Ibiza

children’s rooms

Also for the decoration of your children’s bedrooms, you are at the
right address at


Children’s room Decoration Ibiza

Wallpaiting children’s room Ibiza


The making-of the Playboy decor

also provides custom made props and backgrounds for theatre, TV, film, video and photography.

Everything is possible, from huge 3D blow-ups and objects, to small detailed props.
With experience in the world of photography and theatre, Decor-Ibiza knows how to work with the client’s briefing and needs for perfection.

Please contact for more information.

Kim works at the decor for the Playboy fotoshoot

Background decor       Decor building

Decor for Angela Schijf     Final decor result for Playboy photo shoot     Decor for Georgina Verbaan

Decor for Johnny de Mol

  Contact details and Website DECOR-IBIZA


Pintura decorativa / Decorative Painting / Decoratief Schilderwerk / Dekorativer Anstrich



    TEL: 0034 696 71 11 30



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